Three Tigers and Bare-Breasted Women 

2024, 4K UHD film, colour, sound, Korean with English subtitles, 28:30 min
Installation with handwritten poem, printed on 28 textile flags, 150 x 50 cm each
Once the Sun and Water People Are Drowned
2024, 4K UHD film, colour, sound, loop 2:40 min

When Elephants Come to Town
2022, FHD film, colour, sound, Korean with English subtitles, 18:34 min

Violence and Opacity
2024, Glass, borrowed kimono from someone’s great-grandparents

Sound of Screaming Plants
2020, Performance, approx. 15 min

Whispers of the Kawaii Witches
2024, performance, sound, poem, cellphone, speaker, glass, cables, conductors, light
Collective with Naomi Shintani Deibel and Johanna Riedl

191129 Bundespolizei auf Johannes-Selenka-Platz, Braunschweig
2020, photography on fabric, 620 x 453 cm

2024, Performance, approx. 30 min, plastic vinyl, portable speaker
Performance with Gabi Schillig, Soh Souen, Daisuke Kawashima, Reo Anzai, Hazuki Ohta

Falling Into Third Echoes
2023, Interactive installation, Unity game engine, first person controller, sound

Your Playground is a Battleground
2020, Three generative animations, three QR codes

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