When Elephants Come to Town 코끼리가 도시로 이동할 때

Film Digital HD Colour Sound 18’34’’

Hyejeong saw a book called "When Elephants Come to Town" at a bookstore in Berlin. One of the most eye-catching pictures in the book is two elephants climbing on a drum and looking at each other in perfect symmetry. In this one picture, Hyejeong wants to visit the zoo in London.

Using 360-degree cameras to construct narratives, she found a new central point for her work:
When did the ongoing history of brutality against other creatures, species, and ethnicities start?
How many people died without a name?
Why has a herd of elephants appeared in Chelsea?
Our languages today are a product of colonisation.

Returning to Berlin, Hyejeong concludes that she is an irregularity in the power of the colonial matrix.