Project Froben11

Sound of screaming Plants
Hund und Katze als Haustier
Das blaue Küken vor der Grundschule

191129 Bundespolizei auf Johannes-Selenka-Platz, Braunschweig  2020
Foto auf Fahnenstoff, 620 × 453 cm
This work “191129 Bundespolizei auf Johannes-Selenka-Platz, Braunschweig” is a photograph from my photographic series that I shot last summer in South Korea, Japan, Italy,

and Germany. In these four countries, I photographed the police officers that I encountered on the street to see how power through the police and military is presented and its relationship with the public. I mainly photographed police officers because they are considered to be the most widespread embodiment of power in society.

Project Gwanghwamun 815 Seoul, South Korea 2019

Project Kyoto, Japan 2019

Project Hongkong 2018

I am looking for a model who is willing to urinate in a bathroom where a camera is installed
Sound, 17:11 min

“Dear all,
I am looking for a model who is willing to urinate in a bathroom where a camera is installed. (The recorded video will have blurred out the face! and I NEED YOUR HELP!!)

From October 1, 2018 to October 3, 2018 I will film in the bathroom of “Project Space” in Berlin. It will be photographed or
filmed at an angle of “illegal footage”, similar to the one shown
in the attached data (me from a test shoot in 2018) with all of the personal characteristics of the model blurred. During the exhibition period, we will only screen pre-recorded video and will not live stream. It will be paid in accordance with the Korean porn market’s pay, which is only 20-50 cents per shot. The project is intended to be a video work screened at a group exhibition in Berlin, Germany during October 5, 2018 to October 12, 2018.

Obviously, I will treat your help with great respect and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask so I can explain the details more and we can talk about it!
- So, from that sentence alone, you can imagine that this is a bit difficult to start writing about. I am Yun Hye. This project is linked to the project titled ‘Definition and Collapse of Private Space’, which I have worked on in 2012 and 2013. The aim of the project is to depict one’s loss of personal space (on a short-term basis) as they enter and use a public toilet. This will be achieved by install- ing a camera under the sink of a public restroom within a general public building that will in turn take video of the subject (under the knee and foot) entering and using the “private” bathroom in public restroom. Return to current project,

As part of the group exhibition under the theme ‘Gone Sexual’, I am showing my work as a glimpse/question of moral standards of mankind, but only as depicted in Korean pornography.

I do not expect my work to be seen by hundreds of people, so I am not concerned with any compensation for myself. I hope to achieve the small satisfaction gained by 10 to 20 people stopping into the exhibition space, subsequently visiting the bathroom within the space, and coming to the realization that they were in the same place as the video. And I am curious to know that after this realization, will they wonder “Am I being filmed? Is someone watching me now?.” I hope that the person would feel some kind of emotion; anything from discomfort or anxiety, anger, disdain, or an inability to understand - this is part of the notes of the work I have planned.

I am in a society where even the minimum moral standard point in everyday life has collapsed. What can be done in a society where even something as private as a restroom has been compromised to the extent of potentially being seen everywhere? In Germany, where I work, hidden cameras, revenge porn, and the like are NOT seen as mainstream porn, but are instead quite taboo. Unfortunately, in Korea, this is not the case.


Project Venezia 2015


Project Froben11 2020 3D Virtual Tour

Sound of Screaming Plants 2020 Performance 14:06min  

Your Playground is a Battleground 2020
Three interactive Animations, QR Codes

1/48_Mitsubishi_A6M Zeros_Grumman_F4F Wildcat 2020 Interactive Animation im Web, QR Code

Universum aus Henschel_Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger_Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau_T-3 2020 Interactive Animation im Web, QR Code

Your Playground is a Battleground: FN Herstal_FN Browning HP_Spring- field Armory_M1 Garand_Winchester Repeating Arms Company_M1Carbine_ General Motors_M3 Grease Gun_ Colt’s Manufacturing LLC_M1911A1_Georgi Schpagin_PPSH-41_John Browning_ M1918 BAR 2020 Interactive Animation im Web, QR Code

Familienfoto im Schwimmbad, 2019 HD Video 17:30 min

Familie: Vater, Mutter, Tochter und Sohn 2019
Fotoserie, Inkjet Print auf Fotopapier

난 너에게 말하고 싶어/jeg vil fortælle dig mit Sophia Baader 2019 Zweikanal-Videoinstallation 19:30 min

Tê 2018
Video, 15:30 min


Zum Kiosk und Zurück 2018
Performance/Video, 6:02 min

Meine schönen Momente, wo du dich störst. 2018
Performance/Video, 32:23 min

Zwischen den Säulen 2018
Installation, Stretchfolie, 400 × 235 × 71 cm


Schlechte Laune mit Pilzen 2018
Installation, Pilze und Bauschaum, 65 × 55 × 300 cm

Ein roter Raum 2013
Performance/Video 05:37 min